The Big Meaney Difference

BMdiffPageThe Giant Agency Experience:
Disinterested and overworked junior staffers with inflated titles who are often barely aware of your brand. Clients are often forgotten among a sea of higher-paying clients. Itemized fees and a strict limit on the number of hours allotted for your account. The insistence on numerous, expensive and often unnecessary press releases

The Big Meaney Difference:
Dedicated Staffing: You’ll be working with one single Account Representative with more than seven years of experience in tech, consumer and gaming products publicity.
Relationships: I have trusted relationships with top-tier media and tastemakers who depend on my input.
Collaboration: I have a unique ability to work seamlessly with client partner agencies and vendors should any special needs arise.
Credibility: I have longstanding relationships with key industry and consumer press in the CE, tech and gaming communities. This means that I often don’t need to “pitch” top-tier media, but simply tell them my client’s news and announcements.
Adaptability: I have consistently proven my ability to effectively represent clients and successfully execute programs, evolving with them through corporate, internal or product transitions into brand new areas.
Beyond PR: I would become a virtual extension of your team, thanks to the constant day-to-day communication and total openness of my methods
No Clock-Watching: I have a loose number of “hours” that I’ll work for your project, but unlike larger agencies, you’ll never be cut off suddenly without warning.
Reinforcements: I work with a network of dedicated professionals who can be called upon for your specialized needs. (video, content, infographics, B2B)